Our Cinnamon and Mint Toothpicks are Sugar Free, Healthy and Flavorful

At Fix Stix, we supply cinnamon flavored toothpicks that solve many oral fixation problems. Ours is a healthy product that will provide an alternative to bad habits such as smoking, chewing candy, gum or tobacco and sucking the thumb. All our products are environmentally friendly and recyclable; you don't have to worry about environmental degradation when you dispose of Fix Stix or the container. We have years of experience making the most innovative wood toothpicks using natural ingredients and Birch, which is a renewable wood source.

We have different products to offer:

  • Fix Stix in individually sealed tamper proof container (15 pieces per container)
  • Fix Stix Dispenser Pack  including 20 containers
  • Fix Stix hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts

Fix Stix is a one of a kind product that transforms lives by dealing with oral fixation addictions while ensuring that people stay healthy. If you would like to partner with us in making Fix Stix the go-to product for people fighting smoking and other annoying and unhealthy habits, you can start with our wholesale distributor packs that contain 20 single containers. The distributor pack is specially designed for placing at the point of sale with a package that is easy to access and providing complete view to the products.

If you are convinced and want to order any of our products, we offer three options through which you can place an order:

1. You can send us an email to fixstix@warwick.net

2. Call us at 888-FIX-STIX / 888-349-7849

3. Order any of our products through our eBay store-Search Fix Stix on eBay.
Natural, Flavorful Cinnamon Toothpicks
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